Primary and pre-school/Playgroup Sessions

What teachers say:

'a thoughtfully chosen story which was enhanced with the use of props'

'very interactive and pitched perfectly for our age group [Reception]'

'we all thoroughly enjoyed it'

'the story was read in such a lovely manner and activities were fun and relevant'

'what a gorgeous session delivered today by Anna and Barbara! Thank you so so much for coming to our preschool and enabling the children to continue their love for stories!'


'Our children were very excited when Little Story Explorers came to visit our preschool'


'it was a very 'hands on' experience for our children using materials and bubbles, they were also able to colour and decorate their own dinosaur to take home'

'we are looking forward to having Little Story Explorers visit us again soon! '

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Community Classes

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What parents; grandparents; carers say:

'my daughter and I really enjoyed our Little Story Explorers class'


'the activities are well thought out and it’s a great mix of stories, crafts and singing that I haven’t found at other groups'


'Anna and Barbara are enthusiastic and they’re ex-teachers so they know how to make learning fun!'



'Anna and Barbara are amazing!! What a fantastic group to join. They're both ex teachers so the sessions are engaging and educational' 


'there is so much fun and laughter, and all the while promoting a love of reading and encouraging bonds between little ones and their adults'


'there's songs, stories, play, crafts, laughter. I highly recommend LSE!!! It's just wonderful'


'it was very engaging, well planned and expertly delivered with a wide variety of learning activities'

'I can’t recommend this class enough. It is educational whilst fun and everyone was so friendly'


 Love the location at the Moor Top Pub as you can sit in comfort and drink some very reasonably priced coffee! I have a bad back after my pregnancies so hate having to sit on the floor when I’ve been to other groups'

'not your average toddler class. Lots of activities, music, interaction & crafts. Educational & fun!!

Thanks Anna & Barbara for thinking outside the box!'


'We love Little Story Explorers. Each week the class is based on a different popular children’s book'


'my little boy loves the class and although he’s only just 2 he really gets involved with the story telling & he loves exploring all the props'


'Anna & Barbara are fantastic at encouraging the children to interact with each other'


'the craft activity is great too... my little boy hasn’t put his fish he made down from this mornings group! I would highly recommend Little Story Explorers'

Benefits for children  and grown ups

For children, the classes will:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Stimulate curiosity and imagination

  • Boost memory

  • Improve listening and concentration skills

  • Promote team work

  • Enhance vocabulary

  • Help process information more easily as they learn to connect emotions with stories

  • Provide opportunities to socialise

  • Use exploratory play to support learning and develop skills

For grown-ups, the community classes will:

  • Provide a social platform with other members of the class

  • Give greater confidence in engaging children in reading

  • Demonstrate reading and storytelling techniques that can be used at home

  • Involve a range of exploratory techniques to develop children’s cognitive functions and emotional development

  • Show how stories have different purposes such as to entertain, educate and share social, cultural and moral values

  • Allow you to see your child’s journey of growing understanding as they engage with the narrative, plot, characters and setting of different stories

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Our Song

Hello 😊


We’re going to tell a story
This rug is where we start.
What shapes can you all see?
A square, a star, a heart?


Let’s listen really carefully
And explore the tale -let’s go!
A fun adventure we’re all on
Which book? Does anyone know?


Goodbye 😊

We’ve all explored our story
This rug is where we end.
We hope you have had lots of fun
Listening with your friends.


Let’s wave goodbye to everyone.

Now raise your hands up high.
Thanks for a fun adventure.

We’ll see you soon. Goodbye!

Little Story Explorers © 2018

Music composed by