Pre-school/Playgroup Classes

Preschool sessions:

Community Classes


Special Event Classes

For children, the classes will:

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Stimulate curiosity and imagination

  • Boost memory

  • Improve listening and concentration skills

  • Promote team work

  • Enhance vocabulary

  • Help process information more easily as they learn to connect emotions with stories

  • Provide opportunities to socialise

  • Use exploratory play to support learning and develop skills

For grown-ups, the classes will:

  • Provide a social platform with other members of the class

  • Give greater confidence in engaging children in reading

  • Demonstrate reading and storytelling techniques that can be used at home

  • Involve a range of exploratory techniques to develop children’s cognitive functions and emotional development

  • Show how stories have different purposes such as to entertain, educate and share social, cultural and moral values

  • Allow you to see your child’s journey of growing understanding as they engage with the narrative, plot, characters and setting of different stories

Our Song

Hello 😊


We’re going to tell a story
This rug is where we start.
What shapes can you all see?
A square, a star, a heart?


Let’s listen really carefully
And explore the tale -let’s go!
A fun adventure we’re all on
Which book? Does anyone know?


Goodbye 😊

We’ve all explored our story
This rug is where we end.
We hope you have had lots of fun
Listening with your friends.


Let’s wave goodbye to everyone.

Now raise your hands up high.
Thanks for a fun adventure.

We’ll see you soon. Goodbye!

Little Story Explorers © 2018

Music composed by


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